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Hello church family!

We are excited to begin a new Wednesday Growth Tracks program!

We will be bringing you courses to support your walk in Christ and empower you as a child of God.

Four new courses will be taught Wednesday nights beginning August 26. Classes start at 6pm at the church! Space is limited, so sign up today with the signup forms below.

Choose from one of these four courses:

  • Financial Peace University

  • The Bait of Satan

  • Defined

  • What’s Next?

We are excited about these courses, and encourage you to sign up soon. Space is limited, so please let us know of your decision to attend.

Here’s a description of each course, along with a signup form.


Taught by: Eric & Dorothy Voerman

Wednesdays @ 6pm in the AoE Stem Room

Here is what you can expect…
• No more money stress – ever!
• Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went!
• You can retire with dignity!
• Living the life of your dreams starts with a solid financial plan!
• Kick debt once and for all!
• Live like no one else so you can give like no one else!
• Steps to Managing Your Money God’s Way

Take back control of your life so that you can live your life!

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Taught by: Pastor Chad Hill

Wednesdays @ 6pm in the Switch Auditorium

Escape the enemy’s deadly trap! The Bait of Satan exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God-offense. Most people who are ensnared by the bait of Satan don’t even realize it. Don’t be fooled! You will encounter offense, and it’s up to you how it will affect your relationship with God. Your response will determine your future. If offense is handled correctly, you will become stronger rather than bitter.

• Why am I compelled to tell “my side” of the story?
• How can I fight thoughts of suspicion or distrust?
• What can I do to stop rehearsing past hurts?
• How can I regain trust after someone deeply offends me?

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Taught by: Michelle Johnson

Wednesdays @ 6pm in the Switch Coffee Bar

Who God Says You Are
Who Are You?

I am who God says I am.
I can do what God says I can do.
I can become exactly what God says I can become.

You are a miracle.

And that’s exactly what this study is about—your true identity. Who you really are. The culture will try to define you, your past may try to label you, the enemy will seek to deceive you, but no one has the authority to give you your name—your identity—except your Father. And He says that your uniqueness is an expression of His creative genius and is designed to reflect His glory.

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Taught by: Patsy Miller

Sundays starting Sept 6th from 9-9:45 in the Switch Coffee Bar.

A deeper and more intimate relationship with God is closer than you think.

Have you ever felt as if something were missing from your life? Are you longing for a clearer sense of purpose? Do you feel stuck in a spiritual rut? In “What’s Next?,” bestselling author Chris Hodges offers a practical guide to all those looking for clarity and direction and reveals the four steps to spiritual maturity:

• Know God
• Find freedom
• Discover purpose
• Make a difference.

He demonstrates how each step is part of both a linear path and a cycle leading to deeper levels of faith. Accessible and clear, concise and profound, no matter where you are in your journey, What’s Next? is the guide you need to find your way and discover the joy that comes walking the road of richer faith.

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